About maad able

We are four young communication designers, just graduated from Politecnico di Milano. We have various skills that make us able to design and handle complex projects, from brand identity to UX/UI design.

Daniele Dell'Orto

Qualified in digital, passionate about analog. To manage and display content is my thing, no matter if online or printed.

Aurora Saita

I look at the world through a viewfinder: I'm passionate about cinema but photography is my thing. I use visual design and constant research to communicate the world.

Martina Melillo

From illustrations to websites, I love to create things that are beautiful to look at and easy to use. Anything can be understandable with good visualization, even Thyroparathyroidectomized (yes it’s a real word).

Alessandro Quets

I started from childhood with paper and pencils, now I use computer and coding. I like to create stuff in the digital world from visual effects to websites.