Cappuccetto Rosso, Luna di sangue

Martina Melillo , Aurora Saita , Alessandro Quets , Daniele Dell'Orto

Cappuccetto Rosso, Luna di sangue


Game Design

Agnese Viola, Alessandro Scavino, Emanuele Ceccherini, Federico Motta, Gabriele Broggini, Marco Perico, Matteo Delia, Octavian Danut Husoschi

Cappuccetto Rosso Luna di Sangue is a short videogame of two levels inspired by the well-known tale. After ten years the wolf comes back as a zombie wolf and kidnaps Little Red Riding Hood. The player plays the role of the granny who, as in the classic arcade games, goes through the zombie wolves to save her little granddaughter.

The pixel graphic and mechanics are made in Javascript using Phaser.js library, but the game is suitable also for portable consoles like a Gameboy.