Homo Digitalis

Martina Melillo , Aurora Saita , Alessandro Quets , Daniele Dell'Orto

Homo Digitalis


Photography, Editorial Design

In a world that is increasingly digital and digitized, the human being adapts, molding himself. In this individual dimension, the human is transformed and, by not acting, he is alienated in the digital society, becoming part of the crowd, of the swarm. He leaves digital traces behind him everywhere and his life, also digital, is imprinted on the web. And, in the network, he will remain.

He is increasingly connected, but paradoxically, estranged. What will remain of him will be sequences of code that contain his entire existence. There will remain pixels. In a technological time in which our perception of time itself is altered, telling about the human of the network becomes therefore a challenge. The goal of the project is to portray this new digital human being, through what his corporeality is transforming into: pixels.

"Homo Digitalis" is a project divided into two phases: in the first, in a serial manner, I shot triads composed as follows:
Photograph of a detail;
Microscope screen of that detail;
Microscope screen of the first photo of the triptych.

The second phase consists of an iteration of the last microscope shot: the result is a series of shots of only pixels.