The materiality of Covid

Martina Melillo , Aurora Saita , Alessandro Quets , Daniele Dell'Orto

The materiality of Covid


Data visualization, Editorial design

Martina Francella, Octavian Danut Husoschi, Matteo Pini

“Covid object” is a label fit to any product in close relation with the pandemic, from ventilators for hospitals to t-shirt with the slogan ‘vaccinated and ready to fuck’. The ultimate goal of this project is to better understand the materiality of covid in this post-pandemic future through the unbiased depiction of the global approach to covid objects.

“The materiality of Covid” is the result of a work of analysis, dataset building and data visualization in the form of a printed report. The content is organized through three booklets, one for each research protocol, and a folder that works as a cover and table of content.