Villa + Collezione Panza

Martina Melillo , Aurora Saita , Alessandro Quets , Daniele Dell'Orto

Villa + Collezione Panza


Brand Identity, UX/UI, Videomaking

Octavian Danut Husoschi, Ottavia Robuschi

The visual identity project of “Villa + Collezione Panza” stems from the desire to enhance a place known worldwide as a center for contemporary art. The whole identity is based on three concepts: color, sound and light. The palette is wide and the identity is dynamic, also thanks to the gradient that recall the concept of light.

Another important element is the silence, or rather, the ambient sound, which is made synesthetic thanks to the payoff "Discover the sound of color". A video was also created, to present the atmosphere and sensations that are felt within Villa Panza.